Liam has spent over 15 years honing his skills on feature films and TV series both in Australia and overseas as a grip after completing film school in Queensland.  After winning awards for his films shot on location for the US version of Survivor he continues creating short films in Australia as he develops his career as a feature director.

Directing Resume


'Australia Day', 2016

Second Unit Director, Feature Film

Producers, Nathan Mayfield, Leigh McGrath, Tracey Robertson, Penny Winn, Ed Herbert


'Turtle Downunder', 2016

Tourism Commercial

Producer, Lucas Thyer


Inverse’, 2014.

Tropfest finalist.

Producers, Lucas Thyer, Julie Forster


'Tropical Trick Shots', 2013.

Tourism Commercial.

Producer, Lucas Thyer


The Good Life’, 2013.

Elizabeth Rose music clip.

Producer, Lucas Thyer

Channel V ripe clip of the week.


Time’, 2013.

Tropfest finalist.

Producers, Lucas Thyer, Julie Forster

Winner of best actor, Tropfest 2013. Heart of Gold film festival winner of best youth film 2013.


'One Shot', 2010.

Short Film. Winner of CBS Survivor film festival 2010.


Grip Resume



* The Shallows - Best Boy Grip

* Nest - Best Boy Grip

* Jungle - Dolly Grip

* Alien Covenant - Dolly Grip, 2nd Unit

* Thor Ragnarok - 2nd unit Best Boy Grip



* Pirates of the Carribean - Dead Men Tell No Tales 2nd Unit, Dolly Grip.

* Childhoods End, Best Boy



* Unbroken 2U, Underbelly Badness, Janet King, Partisan, Now Add Honey, The Menkoff Method, Hard Drive, The Straits - All as Dolly grip/Best Boy



* Terra Nova, TV series - Key Rigging Grip, B Dolly Grip.

* Survivor Redemption Island - Grip, Segment Producer

* Survivor Nicaragua - Grip



* Chronicles of Narnia, The Dawn Treader - Grip, main & 2nd unit.

* Survivor Heroes vs Villains - Grip

* Survivor Samoa - Grip

* Courage - Canadian Telemovie, Canada - Dolly Grip

* Survivor Tocantins Brazil - Best Boy Grip

* Survivor Gabon - Grip


Other film projects from 1999 - 2008 include The Starter Wife, NBC - Best Boy, The Great Raid, Peter Pan, Voodoo Lagoon, See No Evil, House of Wax - Grip, Undead by the Spierig Bros - Key Grip 

I've also done hundreds of commercials, film clips and shorts as a Director, Producer, Key Grip, Grip, Best Boy, etc.