February 20, 2016

To Whom it may concern:

I have been asked to provide a reference for LIAM CONNOR to accompany his application for a directors attachment or splinter unit directing position.

Liam approached me to produce his first TROPFEST short entitled “Time”. 

As a Line Producer I recognize the need to cultivate new talent in our industry and on reading his script accepted the challenge.  The experience was mutually rewarding and the result speaks for itself.  We have since worked together on his second entry, “Inverse” which again succeeded to finalist level. 

Liam is a talent worth developing and his day job as an on-set grip has given him a concise education in the filming process.  He possesses a clear understanding of on-set etiquette, has a nice, easy manner with both cast and crew, is collaborative and respectful. 

Liam is a creative writer and director and his imagination and writing style differs from your conventional Australian storytelling.  A focus on other dimensions of space and time in many of his films, including his last two award winning shorts, positions him away from his peers, and leaves him as an ideal candidate to be part of innovative new feature films being made here in Australia. I believe that an internship or Splinter Unit role for Liam would be an investment not only in his future, but also our local industry as he has considerable vision to contribute and is currently moving towards his first feature film, which is in development.


Julie Forster

Producer/Line producer


February 18, 2016

To Whom It May Concern:

This is a letter of reference for Liam Connor.  Liam and I worked together on Survivor for many years.

Beyond being a hard working, personable member of our grip crew -- Liam had amazing abilities behind the camera as a director.

I was really impressed with his execution of some very creative ideas.  His approach to storytelling was always inventive and he managed to write/produce/direct/edit his films during his downtime -- while still leading our grip department thru a grueling 39 day shoot in a foreign country.

Liam is drawn to tell visually stimulating and emotionally compelling stories.  It’s clear he has a keen eye and is confident behind the camera.

He seems a perfect candidate for a Directors Attachment role and hope this helps in your consideration.


Jeff Probst

Executive Producer/Host